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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Quilt National 2011 Review

In the last post, I commented on a few things as to why I really liked this year's Quilt National Catalog.  I'll hit on a few more tonight. 

I have many of the previous catalogs....some exhibitions I've attended, others not.  To my mind, this edition is the best yet and one which is useful BEYOND being eye candy or a a souvenir of the show.  Why? It outlines exactly what they are looking for and considerations that anyone who is entering some of the more prestigious shows should think about.

After having watched "Stitched: The Documentary" and reading this edition, I understand far more about how pieces are considered and selected.  The importants of something which seems extremely fundamental, obtaining the best possible photographs of your piece, is driven home. 

I love the discussion about what each of the jurors brought to the process, what they were thinking and what they were looking for.  While we as individuals might not agree with them, I think that this is important in understanding the process and this show. 

Kathleen Dawson, the executive director of the Dairy Barn Art Center, wrote an impressive and thoughtful introduction.  It was a pleasure to see that ALL of the components had something to say and were not just fluff.

Yes, I'd like more photos with more details so we can see the texture of the stitches and understand that pieces often have a dimensional quality which doesn't show up easily....but I have to say, I keep on going back to it.

No, Lark Books didn't give me a free copy.  Nor do they know that I'm plugging their book.  Nor does Quilt National or the Dairy Barn Arts Center...Heck, they didn't select me for a potential reviewer for Masters: Art Quilts vol. 2, probably because I don't have enough followers or don't have enough "hits" to qualify...or maybe I just don't write well enough for them...but I have to say, you need to get a copy.  You can get it from your favorite bookstore, or from the Dairy Barn Art Center, or online...and yes, I sell used books on I'll give them a plug by sharing this link.  And no....I don't get anything from them fact, I'm going to have to close up my Amazon shop soon as I'm losing my shirt lately. can patronize your favorite library.....but please, please do take a look at this book.

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