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Saturday, May 7, 2011

F's in the Garden

 We have gotten an inordinate amount of rain. Which brings me to the first "f" in my garden...flooding.  I haven't been able to do anything beyond the fence, that is to say in my vegetable garden, because it is all mucky.  The back yard has had to be mowed with the hand mower because the riding lawnmower is too heavy and leaves tire tracks.

The second "f" is the Fritillaria which is blooming now, but is on its way out.  It is a funny little bulb in a family which includes the Fritillaria imperialis  which blooms later with many flowerettes on a tall stalk...and it has the added benefit of not being eaten by voles or chipmunks, and the checkered fritillaria or guinea flower.  This one is a lesser known one, Fritillaria uva vulpis.  Don't ask me why I planted it...but it is sort of interesting.
This little lovely smells wonderful, won't get very big and has wonderful fall foliage....yellow, orange and red leaves.  It's Fothergilla gardenii, the dwarf Fothergilla.  This is one of my favorites I moved down from Connecticut.  It is about 10 years old (maybe older, I can't remember when I bought it as a baby from Bluestone Perennials, but was a long time ago). 

I'm madly trying to get the garden in order for the end of the month....Hopefully, I'll have some other fun stuff to share soon. 

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Del said...

Always happy to learn more about flowers. Especially those that would never grow in SCalifornia. Happy Mom's Day to you. Del