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Monday, May 23, 2011

2-D, 3-D and WHEEE!

Cellular Junction, 2009 17" x 8"
 One of my goals this year has been to exhibit more of my work.  So far, I have had pieces in four shows, the most recent being the Piqua Arts Council (Piqua, OH) show.  I entered three pieces and was a little puzzled when I submitted them.  I entered the piece at left as a three-dimensional piece as it stands out about three inches and has definite dimension. 

The two other pieces, "Red Winged Blackbird" and "Standing on Sacred Ground" as 2-dimensional pieces.  While I often use dimension in my pieces, these are probably less dimensional than most of my work even though the quilting itself adds dimension and texture and the circular wood pieces certainly stand out from the background on "Blackbird." 

However, I viewed it like this.  Just as an oil painter, or an artist in acrylic uses impasto and knife work, quilters use quilting to add texture.  They are, inherently, pieces which are meant to hang on walls rather than have a sculptural quality.  In the case of "Cellular Junction" I wanted to have the sculptural quality, even though I couldn't resist adding the fringe at the bottom.

When I dropped the pieces off, I was a little surprised when I was queried as to whether they were 2-D or 3-D. I said how I thought they should be based on the intent.  They thought they were going to have to change the entry divisions, but it was just as I submitted them.
"Standing on Sacred Ground", 2010.  24" x 23" acrylic paints and cotton fabric. Machine quilted. 

Redwinged Blackbird, 2009.  17 1/2? x 14 1/4"
With "Cellular Junction" and "Red winged Blackbird" I was basically playing...something I rarely get a chance to do anymore.  "Cellular Junction" is a biology term and is sometimes known as a "Intercellular Bridge."  Here is a definition.  I was messing around with quilts based on microscopic views and the structure of a Cellular Junction intrigued me.  "Red winged Blackbird" is something I just put together for fun...Red winged blackbirds are one of my favorite harbingers of spring and their song is one which I have loved from childhood.

I was not able to go to the opening, so imagine my surprise when I picked up the pieces and discovered that I recieved a second prize in the Two-dimensional division for "Cellular Junction" and an honorable mention for :"Red Winged Blackbird!"  I entered these primarily because I had them already completed, they were for sale, and I just thought they were fun. Since it was a art show, rather than a quilt show, I really didn't expect much.

I had hoped to put another piece in the Aullwood Show this year as well as put one another show, but my crazy schedule and the up-coming festivities here as well as my illness has meant that I had to let it drop.  I will, however, finish the two pieces I intended for Aullwood soon. 


Melissa said...

If you make some quilted pieces and fold them and stitch them together into the shape of a vase, box or house - your quilted pieces enclose space - then it is 3-D. If you add depth to your quilt through "overstuffing" and dimensional stitching or attach some items (which themselves could been categorized as three dimensional) to the surface or edge of the quilt - that is still 2-D...In my book!

Michigoose said...

Good point, Melissa. I do have some 3-D works in progress...ones which fit by your definition.

What about Kathy York's city quilts? Those don't fit your definition, but I would hesitate to call them 2-d.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the honors for your quilts. You deserve it.

Marilyn Wall said...

Congratulations Lisa.

Nancy said...

congratulations. Nancy

Michigoose said...

Blush. Thanks so much Marilyn, Ruth Anne and Nanfcy. This was a really big surprise to me. :)