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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Log Cabin Quilt

A couple of years ago, I won the contents of a drawer in an auction. I saw some trim in the pile as the drawer of the dresser was unceremoniously dumped out on the ground. This tattered old quilt fell with the mixed lot of junk.

Since the SAQA trunk show was supposed to show a connection between quilt and art as well as the roots in the folk art of quilting, I had thought I was going to take one of the ratty blocks apart and use it in my piece. Maybe paint it or something.

The quilt dates from about 1860 - 1880, but is probably in the earlier range. The set is called "light and dark." It uses the traditional red "fireplaces" or "chimney." The logs are in various shades of shirting and dress prints, double pinks, chrome greens, the average every day scraps of clothing. The light part is muslin or small print shirtings.

Stained and holey, there really isn't much save to it.

The border of the quilt was a sawtooth edge with what I think was a black check. The black, being more acidic, just disappeared leaving a gauze like pattern where the threads are gone.

I think Lemmie is happy that I haven't cut it up yet. He's claimed it for his very own.

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