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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Batty Binder's Art Quilt Round Robin

My local guild, the Batty Binders, has an art quilt group which we sort of call "Twisted Stitchers." Most of the Batty Binders are pretty much traditional quilters. Several of us, however meet and explored Jane D'Avila and Elin Waterston's Art Quilt Workbook.

While we finished the book, they decided to return to some of the concepts and that they would do a round robin. A Round Robin in quilting is where someone does a central motif or block and then the piece is passed on to the next person who adds something else. In this case, the concepts are provided by the Workbook and all the quilters are following the theme of trees. At left is Ruth Treon's tree.

The trees look great. I'm saving one of our members, Susan Pickrell, just to show you all the samples she did. I am not participating because I am having a hard time finishing up things with the fatigue I'm well as having a hard time going to night meetings.

Loraine Smith loves tropical things and these colors as well as the use of batiks are her "thing."

Linnette Vagedes was pretending to be a Lisa Clone....but here's her piece.

Jo Heffner did an interesting "pieced" background, shading the background by using fused squares. I love her tree shape.

Gwen Brown is actually doing two, one which she will keep and do exactly what she does on each of the other round robins so she can keep a record of what she did. Her exchange piece is set on an angle..but the shot was so bad of Gwen that I know I'd take some heat for it if I I'm kind and didn't.

Becky Goodwin is also doing two. Here she is showing her tree which has a loose trunk so that if someone wants to put something behind the tree, they may do so. The tree is cut out, and the branches were added by doing free-motion embroidery on the piece.

The second one is her practice piece and is a free motioned pine tree. She used two 40 weight rayon threads through one needle. She had some trouble with the tension until she added a heavier cotton in the bobbin.

I'll keep you posted on the progress as we meet months.

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