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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sara Deever and word themes

At the SAQA Ohio meeting last week, Terri Hartzell suggested exploring themes in quilts utilizing among other things, words. Interestingly enough, Sara Deever had done just that and brought along some of the work she had done. Each day for a year, Sara stitched only on quilts employing scripture or her rendition of scripture.

Here you see Sara with one of those quilts. Coming from an embroidery background, stitching holds an important part in her design. I love the richness the color and texture she achieves in her quilts.


Shady Character said...

Love the colors! I've always enjoyed the orange/blue complement pair. It just feels more like it it comes from nature than the others.

Michigoose said...

Shady, if you could just see these in person, they are wonderful. There's a spontaneity expressed, and the texture is yummy. It's just downright fun!