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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Quilts as Public Art and decoration

I always love seeing fiber art in public spaces, especially in restaurants as the fiber helps to deaden the noise which often accompanies all the hard surfaces and hustle and bustle from the kitchen. I often wonder why more isn't used, and I think that art quilters should really work to put work in such places, even though I know that it isn't the best of environments for fibers---air might contain oil and cooking smells and people will touch. Sometimes I think we get carried away with the touching thing...after all, quilts are eminently tactile objects.

I'm not so sure about this particular piece which is hanging in the Troy (OH) Panera. While I like the colors...the craftsmanship is a bit....well...poor. The pieces are not cut on the grain or isn't cut square, causing an odd bowing. In addition, it is minimally quilted, causing the larger areas to bag out. The composition isn't bad, and being the lover of earthy toned things, I do love how all the colors work together and it fits the theme of the restaurant.....but my oh my, how I wish it had been cut properly and quilted more....I don't mean that it has to be quilted within an inch of its life, but quilted so that it doesn't bag out...

I wonder, who did this piece? Are there millions of the same hanging in Panera Bread's across the country? Is this the product of some little sweatshop some where?

Don't you wish YOUR work could hang here?????

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