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Monday, June 7, 2010

Are you waiting for me?

I often find inspiration in such seemingly simple things. These three chairs sat on the stage during an awards ceremony at my daughter's school. I loved the color and the shape...and took what my daughter terms "one of Mom's random photographs."

Random? Not at all. Looking at things and appreciating line and color and thinking of things which may find their way into a quilt is not random at all. The gift of seeing is one which we all should enjoy and share more often.

I've been among the missing because the break with the arm in the splint made it just a little difficult to type. Now, the splint is gone as the orthopedist said that to keep it in the splint would cause a loss of mobility. I should move it as usual, and if I experience pain while using it, then I shouldn't do that motion. Sounds good. Certainly, it is cooler. The only problem is that I have a much higher tolerance for pain than most people and a greater will to get things done. :)

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