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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A quilty week

Last week was a very quilty week. On Wednesday, the Batty Binder's quilt guild in Troy had their annual "studio tour." This year, was just a little crowded as our group has grown so much.

At these studio tours, the host opens her house, with all her quilts shown as well as her working areas....I say "her" because at present, we only have one male member and about 50 women.

We have show and tell and dinner is a light supper of sandwiches and finger food which we have brought in so that the host doesn't have to worry about that....getting things straightened around and quilts unpacked is enough for most of us.

Here, you can see Teresa Brown with a hand-quilted and I believe hand-pieced traditional quilt she has made as a wedding gift. I sure as heck wish that I was the one getting married. I really love her bold colors and the crispness of this particular quilt.

Kitty Tomsic showed a quilt which was in was one which had been started by her grandmother and her mother worked on it as well.

Kitty is an extremely prolific and accomplished quilter. Her quilts are traditional and she does both hand and machine quilting. Her applique is all done by hand.

Here's an applique album quilt she's done.

One of the work areas....

One of the resting areas...

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