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Thursday, May 20, 2010

More MVQG quilts and a very special person

I adore orange and blue together....and I often use that combination in my own quilts. Mary Miller, whose work is exceptional, pieced this traditional quilt and has almost enticed me to make my own version.

Another absolutely breath taking quilt is this one which Jenny Kaffenberger did entitled "Memories of Sicily." Jenny developed this quilt from her son's photographs of cathedral mosaics while working on a liver transplant team in Sicily. To enlarge the quilt, Jenny added borders from the book "Bella Bella Quilts: Stunning Designs from Italian Mosaics" by Norah McMeeking. While I've never used the book, I own it and it is a feast for the eyes.

Here's another lovely in blue...a rather simple pattern overall when you break it down, but breathtaking none-the-less .

I'm also quite fond of Anna Fricker's "Rays of Sunshine" which she completed just this year. This was Anna's first completely paper pieced quilt. She used Judy Niemeyer's "Shattered Glass" pattern.

Last but not least, I have to say something about the wonderful lady in the left of this photo. She's Lee Peterson, the lady who made the co-best of show quilt for her whole cloth quilt she's holding. At right is Chris Lily who made the other winner for her quilt hanging in the back.

I didn't know Lee at all until this show. She was vending next to me, selling upholstery fabric pieces from her husband's business. Lee is perhaps the warmest person I've ever met. She's a hugger. One of the cool things about Lee is that she's "air kisses" for this lady, she gives you a warm hug which just reaches down into the depths of your soul and heals you. It's rare that you find a person like Lee and I have to admit, I was stunned and greatly pleased.

If there were just two more people like Lee, the world would be a whole lot better place. How about you joining me in trying to take a page from her book and employing it? I doubt I can do as well as Lee, because I'm not her, but I certainly can make a stab at it.

Thanks to Ed Chamness who took the picture and shared it with me. You can see more of the quilts on the Miami Valley Quilter's Guild on Facebook.

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