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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Winged Messengers: Masterful use of fabrics

Tonight we're going to take a look at some quilts from the Aullwood Nature center's 2009 quilt show which I feel are masterful uses of fabric. We'll start with these wonderful pelicans by Janis Jagodzinski from Balto, Maryland.

Janis' background is in fine arts, and describes her work as reflecting realism and painterly in application.

Here's how Janis describes her method:

"Construction and application is organic in nature and fabrics are selected specifically for their color , pattern and texture while creating intentional ragged edges."
The shading is guided by me with an irregular machine stitch and therefore creates an abstract quilted look. This technique creates a blending of colors which lends itself to a predominantly to fine art application. Most pieces contain 20 - 25 different upholstery and drapery fabrics. Textile compositions may also be embellished with fine seed beads or ribbon."

You can see on t his detail of the head some of that work, but it is
more clearly evident in this close-up of the eye.

The piece is called Walter and Emma.

Another piece by Janis Jagodzinski is this whimsical bird called Paradise.

You can see more of her quilts here:

Nancy Kimpel of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin did this wonderful heron coming in for a landing. Her piece is entitled Home Landing. Her colors are unusual and her work is really fine.

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