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Monday, August 24, 2009

More Aullwood Birds in Quilts

It's been a hard day... For the last 45 minutes I've been looking for Elmer's Gel Glue to use for resist....I've been to four stores, to no avail.

So...the first piece up tonight is by Liese Bronfenbrenner of Ithaca, NY. Why? Her blue heron, simply titled Heron, is made with gel-glue resist batik and fabric paints on cotton fabric.

Liese said this about her inspiration:

"The heron is my favorite bird, and I was happy to find a exhibit with a bird theme. Until a few years ago, we lived at the edge of a little lake. Every day we walked down to the lake and often around it to see if we could find a heron in the reeds or flying overhead. As the flock of geese has grown there have been fewer herons.

It is obvious by this show that herons, particularly blue herons are favorite birds of a lot of people.

In this detail you can see the printerly quality that Liese obtained by using the batik method.

Carla Lamb of Cincinnati, Ohio submitted this whimsical bird. Her work is called Raven Evermore.

Here is her artist statement:

"I love story telling with images and words. My environment and experiences fuel these stories. My medium for story telling is Art Quilting. Fabrics I love create the pictures. Embroidery and beading forms words, creates texture and builds layers.

For as long as I can remember, large black birds have flown and nested in places I've lived. To me, their presence has always felt protective. I explored the history of Ravens and discovered my intuitive sense was supported in folklore from around the world. This piece tells the story of my discoveries. "

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