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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Forgive me for writing sacriledge about Michael Jackson

It seems the world is weeping for Michael Jackson. Newspapers, Internet, television and radio are filled with stories about his life people's outpouring of grief.

It is true, he was the King of Pop. It is true that we watched him grow up....sort of, if you can say that the individual he became ever really "grew up." It is true he was in the public eye.

But I wonder. It would seem that there should be more weeping and wailing over the loss of thousands of individuals in Darfur, or the loss of life in Botswana and other countries to AIDS. Or the loss of life and repression in Iran...or whatever country of the moment you want to put in. But there isn't.

I know that it is because he was a public figure and the mass of people who die from disease, famine, war and the general brutality of man to man is nameless and faceless.

It isn't to say that Michael Jackson's life wasn't tortured from being in the public eye as he was. But he had choices. He basically had the world at his disposal. But, what about those who didn't have a choice or a chance? Others whose life and death were at the disposal of the hands of tyrants or lack of concern for them?

I would hope that somewhere somehow more tears would be shed for the others. Just a fragment of what is being express for Michael Jackson could be turned to so much good in the world elsewhere. If everyone made just a little move to protest, give money to relieve the suffering or do some other positive thing, even if you wanted to do it in memory of Michael Jackson....think of how much good it would do....a little bit by one, added to others makes a world of difference.


kathy york said...

I couldn't agree more. Thanks for sharing.

Gerrie said...

Bravo to you for this post!! It is what I have been thinking.

Vivien said...

Right on the money!

Sunita said...

You're absolutely right, Lisa. And you've said it so well.
I do regret the passing of such a talented artiste but I cant help feeling that a fraction of this media interest paid to other issues would've made such a difference to so many lives.