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Friday, June 26, 2009

The Birthplace of Aviation

Living in southwest Ohio can be very interesting. Dayton, Ohio is the home of the Wright Brothers and home also to a lot of other aviation history, industry and activities.

In May, this is the sight I saw while driving. It's the wing of an airplane being trailered. I had to laugh as it could just as easily been something my dad or my brother-in-law would be doing. My dad was always buying "cracked up" airplanes and making them flyable again.

One of my memories as a pre-teen or early teen was helping sand the fabric of one an Aeronca Chief preparing it for a new coat of paint. I think my fingertips lost a good part of their print on that little endeavor.

My husband works for Hartzell Propeller in Piqua and sometimes I see trucks with two or three propellers going down the road. I'm haven't been able to photograph that yet as usually it's on the highway, and although others seem to think it's ok to apply makeup, text-message people, etc. while driving, I would rather take the safer side.

My garden also has proof of the areas industries....I have two "gazing balls" which are actually the spinners for propellers...these two particular ones were tested for metal fatigue and make rather ...unusual garden ornaments.

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