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Monday, March 9, 2009

Strange Habits of the Youth of South West Ohio

The teenagers of southwest Ohio are ....interesting. For one thing, they don't TP least not much in my neighborhood.

You do find yards "decorated" as this one is at left.

No, those aren't strange flowers. Nor are they Easter eggs....They are plastic forks. I asked my daughter about this and she said that is was less destructive. Kids "fork" people's yards as is isn't as messy as toilet paper and it is now less expensive.

In addition, the "forkee" can retrieve the plastic cutlery and save it to use on another victim....Strange. But a tad more sympathetic to the recipient.

I saw this piece of graffiti in Bloomington, IN this last week. I find it graphically intriguing...the sentiment alarming. However, I suppose that's what this person intended. Probably he or she is really a conventional person who wants to seem edgy.
I know that for a while in Meriden, CT all the backs of the stop signs were spray painted "TWP"--which meant "tagged" or "tagging" "with pride." It turns out that some kids who wanted to seem "bad" but who were pretty standard issue kids were doing it.


Sunita said...

At least they could spell 'crime' !
I think what SW Ohio needs are Mumbai-style rag-pickers! Anything left outdoors,paper or plastic or anything else recyclable, goes into the huge bags of the ragpickers doing their pre-dawn rounds of the neighbourhood. Those plastic forks wouldn't have lasted an hour here :D

Michigoose said...

I agree, we DO need rag pickers here....I cringe when I wear out my cotton sweaters to the point where they are even beyond working in the garden in....I keep on thinking that there should be a recycling place as this would make good linter material for paper...but used clothes AREN'T recycled here....they go into the landfill.