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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Power Suit Challenge Opening

It's hard to believe that almost a week ago was the opening for the Power Suit Challenge sponsored by Artistic Artifacts in Alexandria, Virginia.  I flew up to go to the opening with my husband's cousin from Dayton and stayed with her sister in Alexandria.

The Power Suit Challenge  was hosted by Judy Gula and Cyndi Souder.  They were given many swatch books of high end suiting fabrics--wools, cashmere, shirtings.  They combined several swatch books with a tie and some buttons and challenged artists to take their fabrics and interpret the theme "Power Suit."

104 artists delivered 107 quilts which all fit the required 18" square format.

I wanted to show you the show...but it was PACKED!  As well it should be.  Most of the quilters were from the DC area, although several were from points as far away as California and Canada (Nova Scotia and Alberta).
I was pleased to get to meet (albeit briefly) Lisa Ellis, Cyndi and Judy (of course), LeeAnna Paylor, and Delores Hamilton.

The quilts are all quite fantastic and some were quite moving.  A number commemorated family members (fathers and grandfathers) who worked in the garment industry, or were businessmen or military people.  Others looked back on their own business careers as women, others took a spiritual bend, and others were looking at the political end.

All 107 quilts are on view in Judy's shop, Artistic Artifacts,  4750 Eisenhower Ave., Alexandria, Virginia now until November 23.  In addition, you can see the luscious things to add to your quilts and scrap booking or art assemblage projects.

See? I did leave you some things to look at and buy.
Here are some more quick grabs so you can get an idea.  I will be showing more over the next couple of days.   To see what inspired this grand concept, you can look at Cyndi's Blog.


Jamie Fingal said...

Great pictures of the opening. It is nice to see the layout and how they were all displayed. Thank you so much for sharing your link.

Lisa Ellis said...

It was great to finally meet you Lisa! I look forward to seeing you again at Sacred Threads 2013. And thanks for these great pictures.

Anonymous said...

Lisa, it was great to meet you! I'm so glad you could be there for the big event!

Cyndi Souder

Michigoose said...

Thanks, guys. It was fun to be there, although I think my head was somewhere else! The photos? Hmm....I think they are some of my poorer shots because there was no room to maneuver! You should see all the discards. Some are amusing as someone turned around just as I shot so there's this deer in the headlight look....for those poor unknowns, I had pity and did not put them here. ;)

Leslie Tucker Jenison said...

Ha! I see my own quilt in the last image: it is the bright blue-purple one on the lower row. Title, "The 80's power suit: She Works Hard For the Money". This was so fun to see. Thanks!