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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"Happines" Birthday Gift

I have been struggling with my silly computer all day, hence, the promised announcement of the winner which I SAID would be this morning is delayed until now.

Drum roll please: It's Andee, aka dejablu503. I was really dumbfounded as I never thought that someone would land right on the number, but Andee did. The number I selected was 139. So...once I get her snail mail address, her book will be on her way.

I want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes. My birthday, Feb. 15, often falls on President's Day...and usually falls during Lent. Thus, I didn't get many birthday cards...not that I usually do, until today. The postal service kind of slows things up.

Susan Varanka, my across the street quilting cohort in Connecticut made me this fabric birthday postcard. I only have 2 fabric cards, so that makes this really cool.... I also got a gigle because of "HAPPINES." I wonder if she even noticed? Probably not.

Susan designs quilting patterns and teaches classes across the New England area. Her website is

Did I get a cake? No. Funny thing...dear daughter makes cakes for all her friend's birthdays, but not mine. That's ok, as the martinet decided that we are going to give up "sugar" meaning all sweets, desserts, etc. I had to pack up the fact, I can't have it in my coffee (I only use a half a teaspoon) or my cereal. We'll see who cracks first!

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Jessica said...

Happy birthday a bit late. It is awesome we have the same birthday. I remember you commented on my blog too. :)