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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Catch up . . . sort of

Ever since I got back from Montana, things have been just a little bit crazy. I wasn't able to do much because of my fractured pelvis. I had some medical tests done on Friday, and on Thursday night (fortunately as they had to take me to the tests) some dear friends from Connecticut came for an all too brief visit.

Now, I'm in over drive as my pelvis doesn't hurt as bad as it has, and I have to get the tulip and daffodil bulbs in, some iris replanted, dahlias and other tenders dug, rhubarb moved, pots emptied...and the general fall clean up stuff. So, I haven't been as faithful as I might.

I did want to post something tonight, however, so here's what I'm going to share. This sunset shows Big Chief (I think....I keep on getting him confused with Little Chief) at St. Mary's Pass in the Rockies. This is the view my mom has out her kitchen window....only neither she nor I have ever seen the rays going upwards from the rock. I think this may be some sort of phenomina caused by snow crystals in the air.

Anyway....enjoy. More to come as soon as I can!


For Quilts Sake said...

Wow! That is amazing!

Shady Character said...

That's beautiful!

(Now don't overdo it on that cracked pelvis!)

Michigoose said...

Thanks Pam and Mark!

I was digging dahlias today and it reminded me it isn't 100%. Hmmmm. I guess I will still have to slow down a tad.

Del said...

I guess I am missing something. How and when did you fracture your pelvis? Is it mentioned on your blog and I can't see it? Just curious. Hope it continues to improve. Del in SCalifornia