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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Michigoose's gander at Life, Quilts and other ridiculousness

Hmm. This is finally brought about by Michigoose..... Long ago, when the internet was young to me, I chose the name "Michigoose."

As someone who was born and raised in Michigan, I love the Great Lakes, rolling land and simple diversity of the state. People who live in Michigan, are called, "Michiganders." However, ganders are male geese (even though a sales person was arguing with me at that point once), and I, battered though I am, am definitely NOT male.

I have, however, flown the coop from Michigan long ago....When I graduated from High School, and then again from College, then Grad school, jobs were simply not to be found in my field in Michigan. I went to grad school at William and Mary, and since I was a museum curator, I went where the jobs were. This landed me in Connecticut for 22 years. I married a guy who had lived in New England since he was 11, and thought I would be in exile from the midwest for the rest of my life. 2005, however, brought me to southwest Ohio, when he too had to leave in search of a job.

So, back in the dark ages, I chose the name. Since then, another blogger, and some others, have taken the name as well. Not a problem, there's room for a gaggle of us...however, it did cause some confusion. So, I decided to get off my keister and start posting. Most of this will probably be merely observations, and I hope to post items about my quilting and undoubtedly, it will include things about my garden, as well as family, critters, general attitude (warning: usually sort of grumpy with a dash of ornery optimism).

So, "ganders" (a look about) will probably be about just about anything...and this is primarily because Louie proded me by her confusion over the "other Michigoose."

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